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Take advantage of opportunities – limit risks

Procurement solutions for natural gas are as individual as your company. The importance of budget certainty, the number of risks you are willing to accept to take advantage of market opportunities and the capacities that you want to develop for procurement all depend on many different factors. But they all have one thing in common: they need experience and a high level of expertise in the gas industry.

Competence, experience and robust dialogue

With the competence gained from more than 55 years in the gas business, we can help you find the ideal balance between opportunities and risks. Whether you process your procurement via a balancing subgroup with us or want to contribute your own balancing group, whether you prefer a solution with minimum procurement effort or actively want to take advantage of all opportunities in the gas market – in our PartnerDialogue, we will find the ideal solution for you on a level playing field.

Are you looking for a solution with low procurement effort?

Our SupplySolutions reduce your procurement effort and cover all requirements of the most important procurement strategies as a complete package.

Do you want to implement your individual procurement strategy?

You can put together your individual SupplySets through a modular combination of our supply and price models and coordinate them to suit your specific requirements with numerous options.

Do you use services successfully for optimization?

With our SynergyServices, we provide you with a comprehensive kit for individual solutions. This will allow you to remain flexible but still take advantage of the efficiency benefits of a strong network.

Product finder

Find the very best procurement solution.

Are you looking for a procurement solution that requires little effort on your part? That guarantees full volume flexibility with natural gas? But you also need budget certainty and also want to take advantage of the opportunities in the energy market? Then you are sure to find a suitable natural gas product in our complete packages, the SupplySolutions from Gas-Union.

Is budget certainty very important for you?

As an all-round carefree package, our Comfort SupplySolution would be just the right choice for you.

As a reliable, trustworthy partner, Gas-Union offers you the certainty of needs-based procurement at calculable prices. We focus entirely on what you actually need, while offering a high degree of flexibility by allowing you to make adjustments in the planning and supply phases.

Do you want budget certainty and also the ability to take advantage of market opportunities?

Our Opportunity SupplySolution could be just what you are looking for.

As a strong partner with a high market presence and well positioned portfolio management, Gas-Union offers you true partnership on a level playing field.

With the Opportunity SupplySolution, in addition to the all-round carefree package, you also dynamically take advantage of market opportunities. And all of this without using your own capacities, as our portfolio management looks after your contracted volumes of natural gas. Gas-Union bears the complete management risk. Any profits are shared.

Do you want market proximity in the delivery period and risk spreading?

This is easily possible with the Professional SupplySolution from Gas-Union.

As a well-known and trustworthy partner, Gas-Union will handle the gas-related processing for you and also accept the procurement risks. This keeps your procurement effort low but you are still able to structure your portfolio flexibly according to your wishes. With our PartnerDialogue and the well-considered DashboardApps, we actively help you implement your individual natural gas procurement.

Design your own natural gas product

With our SupplySets you can also implement your personal strategy in natural gas procurement consistently and conveniently. Choose your supply model with the desired flexibility and combine it with a price model that suits your risk profile. In our PartnerDialogue we will, of course, advise you on a level playing field as regards configuration of the SupplySets.


Modular solutions for your individual requirements.

When gas is being procured, two decisions always have to be made. The choice of supply model defines the services that your supplier should provide. You also have to decide on a price model, which defines the time and type of price fixing. Our SupplySets give you an option to combine all the typical supply and price models on the market. This results in solutions that are coordinated ideally to suit your requirements and that you can optimise further with numerous options and services. In our PartnerDialogue we will, of course, advise you on a level playing field as regards the challenging configuration of the SupplySets.

Supply models

Residual/Full supply

In this classic supply model, we ensure that you receive exactly the required volume of natural gas from us at all times. We ensure flexible, needs-based supply and provide the required quantity. The forecast of your daily requirements is based on your historical load profile. Full supply is processed via a balancing subgroup with Gas-Union so that with this supply model we handle the complete gas-related processes and take on the balancing risks for you.

One variant of the full supply model is residual delivery. If you have already largely filled your portfolio with schedule deliveries or flat quantities, with residual delivery, we deliver the additional variable quantities that you need. With our large portfolio and our storage capacities, we can offer needs-based deliveries at attractive terms in all market areas.

Regression schedule

If your natural gas needs are mainly dependent on the temperature, the regression schedule – also known as temperature-managed delivery – is the right supply model for your balancing group. With procurement dependent on the daily temperature, we offer reliable delivery coordinated to your needs. In other words, you no longer have to worry about your quantity risks, even in unusually warm winters or during cold spells with extreme peak loads. Naturally, we agree on the local temperature measuring point with you and choose the best method to calculate your natural gas needs (standard regression with geometric series of SigLinDe). While we are developing a regression schedule that best meets your requirements, we provide you with detailed advice in our PartnerDialogue.

Standard products/schedules

With temperature-related gas requirements, you can cover your basic requirements or procure quantities for production processes that have steady gas requirements over long periods with standard products and schedules. Schedules and flat deliveries are products that you can conclude conveniently with a mouse click with our DashboardApps. As the optimum supplement, we recommend our residual delivery, with which you ensure your supplies of natural gas even in cases of unexpected demand fluctuations without having to buy your residual requirements exclusively on the volatile spot market.

Price models

Fixed price

With the tried and tested fixed price model you fix your purchase price for the entire term of the contract at a time you define. Consequently, you are independent of market trends – either because you expect rising prices or because budget certainty is one of the main criteria of your procurement strategy. Your procurement effort is also minimal because during the term of the contract you do not need to monitor the market and conclude any other agreements. With the fixed price model, you can secure needs-based deliveries with a constant quality.


If you prefer a more market proximity-based procurement strategy with more risk spreading, our tranche price model with three variants may be the right choice. In each of these variants, prices for sub-quantities of your gas requirements (horizontal or vertical tranches) are fixed at several dates to profit more from market opportunities than is possible with a fixed price. Pricing is based on standard trading products (monthly, quarterly, seasonal or calendar year products) and is thus fully transparent.

With the active tranche model, you choose the price fixing times based on your market monitoring, which gives you an opportunity to buy at a level below the average market price during the pricing period. By distributing the fixing over several times, you reduce the risk of miscalculating price trends. We also help you make a decision with clear market reports in our DashboardApps.

Experience has shown that it is seldom possible to beat the market consistently by actively choosing the fixing times. On the other hand, if you choose a passive tranche model, your price always exactly matches the market average in the procurement period. Prices are fixed at regularly distributed dates when identical sub-quantities are procured. This reduces your risk and procurement effort.

If you want to secure market opportunities with no risk, we recommend our market price optimised tranche model (MPO). In this case, our professional portfolio management team chooses the fixing dates. If we buy below the average market price, you participate in the realised benefits. If we do not gain any benefits, we deliver to you at the average market price. In other words, there is no risk for you and you also reduce your procurement effort, as we monitor the market for you.


Mit dem Preismodell Index koppeln Sie Ihre Beschaffung unmittelbar an den aktuellen Marktpreis. Den zugrunde gelegten Gas-Index (TTF, NCG, GPL) können Sie dabei frei wählen. Sie sichern sich also maximale Marktnähe im Lieferzeitraum und minimieren gleichzeitig Ihren Beschaffungsaufwand. Durch unterschiedliche Preisvarianten (Grund-/Arbeitspreis oder Einheitspreis) und die Kombination mit den verfügbaren Optionen können Sie das Preismodell optimal auf Ihr Anforderungsprofil abstimmen. Wir beraten Sie dabei gerne in unserem PartnerDialog.


Further optimise procurement solutions

Price limits

By defining price bands or price limits, you can keep your procurement costs exactly within the specified budget. You decide which price deviation is allowed for a defined energy quantity in a defined period. Depending on the periods and the cap (upper price limit) and floor (lower price limit), costs and returns from the necessary hedging transactions can cancel each other out and lead to a situation where the hedging incurs no costs (zero cost collar).

Flexibility bands

You can agree on flexibility bands for your forecast natural gas requirements to increase your budget certainty. If the allocation in the fulfilment period is within the flexibility band, we deliver to you at the average schedule price. In this case you bear no price risk. If the allocation is outside the band, we deliver to you at the average market price so that you retain your flexibility even in unusual market situations. You can also change your forecast quantities at any time in order to respond flexibly to current developments.

Virtual storage

In practice, the quantities of natural gas that are purchased and that are actually needed seldom match. The resulting differences have to be balanced out on the spot market at unfavourable terms. Our virtual storage provides a more economical solution. Like a physical storage facility, you feed excess gas in and take it out again when it is needed. This extends your flexibility and reduces risks from trading on the spot market.

SynergyServices &


Because they have a small portfolio, some companies find it very difficult to take advantage of opportunities on the gas market. They also have to establish expensive teams of experts and IT systems to manage their portfolio and balancing group. Our services allow you to remain independent but still take advantage of the synergies of a strong network. You may choose one of our SynergySolutions which are tailored exactly to the requirements of the gas market. But the individual modules of this service package can also be put together individually as SynergyServices.

Bio- and ecoproducts

Natural gas is green. You opt for a high-quality and sustainable product when you choose our biogas. We prefer to procure biogas that has been produced from waste as it is beneficial for the environment in two ways. On the one hand, the controlled decomposition process prevents the release of methane into the environment and, on the other hand, combustion releases only as much CO2 as was bound by the plants previously.

With our ecoproducts, the CO2 reduction certificates, you support the implementation of sustainability projects. In selected projects, we try to save exactly as much CO2 as is generated by the volume of gas associated with the certificates.


We deliver biogas for use in accordance with the German Renewable Energy Sources Act, including verification via the DENA biogas register. When biomethane is used in power generating plants, the operators are entitled to receive remuneration. We deliver from our own biogas balancing group and can therefore make very flexible offers. Of course, our biogas is also suitable for other purposes, for example as fuel for your natural gas filling station.

Climate-neutral natural gas

You can obtain climate-neutral gas easily and practically from Gas-Union as a packaged product. Gas-Union will also provide the certificate for it. In our all-in package, we offer public utility companies, industrial companies and major consumers a quick solution without red tape and at a low cost.


Our Da­sh­board­Apps enable you to re­co­gni­se mar­ket op­por­tu­nities in good time and ex­ploit them in­de­pen­dent­ly. The scope of ser­vices in­clu­des in­for­ma­ti­on such as a dai­ly mar­ket re­port, a weekly port­fo­lio re­port or com­pre­hen­si­ve pri­ce charts, as well as tran­sac­tion of­fers for tra­ding in the fu­tures mar­ket or the au­to­ma­ted fil­ling of month­ly load pro­files. The Da­sh­board­Apps are brow­ser-ba­sed and can the­re­fo­re be used in­tui­tive­ly wi­thout any in­stal­la­ti­on on com­pu­ters, ta­blets or smart­pho­nes.

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