The Company

Gas-Union GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Gas-Union is a wholesaler and service provider in the natural gas market. Our business partners are energy suppliers and industrial companies. We bundle the interests of our partners, offering a purchasing platform which is a good business foundation for each of them to implement their own specific procurement concept. Our Service department has many modules that enable energy suppliers and industrial companies to optimise their gas trading processes and energy management tasks.

We have been engaged in the natural gas business for over 55 years, dynamically enhancing our products and services and attuning them exactly to our partners’ needs. When it comes to gas, we think ahead and operate innovatively and competently with the focus on partnership.

More energy with certainty.

Board of Directors

Dr. Oliver Malerius

Dr. Jens Nixdorf

Contact details for assistant to the board:

Ms Etling

T: +49 | 69 | 3003 - 112

F: +49 | 69 | 3003 - 125


Contact details for assistant to the board:

Ms Reichert

T: +49 | 69 | 3003 - 122

F: +49 | 69 | 3003 - 127



Subscribed capital and stakes
As of 12/2016

Mio €


Mainova AG, Frankfurt am Main



RGE Holding GmbH, Essen



Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG, Mainz



Städtische Werke AG, Kassel



Stadtwerke Göttingen AG, Göttingen



Stadtwerke Essen AG, Essen



Energie- und Wasserversorgung
Mittleres Ruhrgebiet GmbH, Bochum



Gas-Union GmbH, Frankfurt am Main





Equity investments

Equi­ty in­vest­ments Sub­scri­bed
(in EUR k)
(in %)

Gas-Uni­on Trans­port GmbH, Frank­furt am Main

26 100

Gas-Uni­on Sto­r­a­ge GmbH, Frank­furt am Main

1.000 100

Gas-Uni­on (UK) Li­mi­ted

0,3 100

WT En­gi­nee­ring GmbH, Bar­sin­g­hau­sen

25,5 60

eserv Ver­wal­tungs­ge­sell­schaft mbH, Frank­furt am Main

25 50

eserv GmbH & Co. KG, Frank­furt am Main

40 50

Tria­nel Gas­spei­cher Epe GmbH & Co. KG, Gro­nau/​​Epe

28.000 10

KGE Kom­mu­na­le Gas­spei­cher Ge­sell­schaft Epe mbH & Co. KG, Gro­nau

*6.000 25

KGBE Kom­mu­na­le Gas­spei­cher Be­tei­li­gungs­ge­sell­schaft Epe mbH, Gro­nau

25 25

Gas­Li­ne Te­le­kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­netz Ge­schäfts­füh­rungs­ge­sell­schaft
deut­scher Gas­ver­sor­gungs­un­ter­neh­men mbH, Strae­len

26 5,85

Gas­Li­ne Te­le­kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­netz­ge­sell­schaft
deut­scher Gas­ver­sor­gungs­un­ter­neh­men mbH & Co. KG, Strae­len

41.000 5,85

As of 31.12.2017

*liability capital

Key figures

Corporate key figures Unit 2016 2017
Gas output kWh bn 141 195
Revenues € m 2.891 3.807
Net income € m -42,7 -27,7
Equity € m 132 105
Total assets € m 463 643
Pipeline network km 543 544
Employees Number 93 93


Technical skills are indispensable in the field of supplying natural gas. The engineers in Gas-Union’s Technology department have long-standing experience and expertise in this area. They use state-of-the-art technologies and cooperate with expert partners. Together, they ensure that technical systems are highly available and run smoothly.

They are the service provider in charge of operating, maintaining and expanding this gas transport system on behalf of GUT and make sure that the Reckrod natural gas storage facility operates securely and reliably for Gas-Union Storage.

For Gas-Union itself, these engineers interact with the upstream enterprises in which the company holds an equity investment and thus help to keep our commitment in the North Sea successful. And last but not least, the Technology department looks after the entire telecommunications set-up.

Do you have any questions for our Technology department? Then feel free to get in touch with us.
Phone: +49 | 69 | 3003 –0

Dr. Rainer Vogt
Head of Technology Storage and Services

+49 | 69 | 3003 - 232


Climate protection – sustainable and efficient

In addition to a variety of minor measures in our direct business operations, Gas-Union also invests in emission reduction certificates. For instance, we have made our entire administrative activities CO2-neutral. Regarding mobility, we use company vehicles that run on natural gas and regularly inform our employees about the various advantages of natural gas as a fuel. By offering funding support, we make it easier for them to choose modern vehicles running on natural gas in their private lives. We also offer our employees tickets to encourage them to use local public transport for travel to and from work.

A clean future
Gas-Union helps in the launch of climate-protecting natural gas applications on the market. We invest in many activities and developments in this respect and, together with Verein Zukunft Erdgas e.V., ensure efficient market penetration.

Exemplary action
Our practical engineering consulting service is also available to architects, planners and tradespeople, providing them with the latest information about new natural gas application technologies. Among other things, this includes information on the legal framework and technical planning for electricity-generating heating systems as well as on how to size them properly and operate them optimally.

Mission statement

Which values unite us and what do we stand for at Gas-Union?

We have summarised our understanding of Gas-Union in a jointly written mission statement that is intended to guide us in our thoughts and day-to-day activities.

Many people at Gas-Union helped to draw it up, striving together to achieve the right wording. The actual outcome of this mission statement, which is geared primarily to all employees, will be how we handle it and what we do with it. At the same time, it is a basis for collaboration with our shareholders, customers and suppliers and will be accessible to everyone who wants to know what we stand for at Gas-Union.

Compulsory publications

Equal treatment programme

The new German Energy Industry Act obliges vertically integrated energy suppliers and associated, legally independent network operators to organise and handle network operations in a non-discriminatory manner and to ensure transparency.

Gas-Union GmbH has established a programme of measures to run its network business in such a non-discriminatory manner (equal treatment programme). By law, an Equal Treatment Officer must monitor compliance with this programme.

Our Equal Treatment Officer will be pleased to help you if you have any queries in connection with our equal treatment programme – especially questions about ensuring the confidential handling of economically sensitive information.

Tillmann Hosius
Head of HR

+49 | 69 | 3003 - 225

Inside information pursuant to REMIT

Matters assessed within Gas-Union (Gas-Union GmbH, Gas-Union Storage GmbH, Gas-Union Transport GmbH & Co. KG) as inside information pursuant to the EU regulation on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) are published at this point. Any notifiable fundamental data on the capacity, usage and availability of systems to generate and store or transmit natural gas will be reported at a central data collection point.

Entries will be made as soon as a matter requiring publication occurs. Historical entries extending to up to two years in the past will be shown. If no entries are shown, there was no need to make any in the stated period.

“Transparency pursuant to REMIT”